Referral Program

One of the best compliments any business can be given is a referral. We appreciate that you would take the time to refer business owners to our agency.

In fact, we will pay you for this referral.  When the business owner that you refer to Luker Corp becomes one of our clients, we will pay you a $500.

Simply enter in the information below.  We will contact the business owner within two business days to set up a business strategy session on how to get leads into their business.  You will be kept in the loop, that way you will know when they become a customer or if they decide that they do not need new leads into their business.

  • Who should we contact?

  • Company Image, Lead Generation, Website Design, Customer Retention, Social Media Marketing.....basically....we get customers.
  • Who should we say referred this business?

    .....not to mention who gets the referral fee.