The Four Steps To Business Domination

There are so many moving pieces that can make or break your company. If one of these fails, the whole system fails.  Luker Corp is a solutions driven company that works with business owners one-on-one to create and implement a strategic plan for business domination.

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Company Image & Branding

Your company image is going to determine how your customers see you and interact with you from beginning.   If your image or branding is compromised, it is difficult to generate sales or create a following of customers.

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Lead Generation

Our job is to get your company leads.  After careful review of your specific business, we determine a step-by-step plan that will allow Luker Corp to bring the most leads into your business. As a social media marketing agency and marketing consultants, we look at quick solutions, but also long term solutions that will stay active on the internet for years to come.  Some of the methods of lead generation include website design, search engine optimization, Google Local, Google AdWords, Facebook advertising and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram organic reach.

Sales and Conversion Strategist Columbia South Carolina

Sales & Conversions

Sales and conversions is plain and simple.  If your company gets leads and is not able to convert them, you lose.  You lose money, customers and even compromise your company image. We work with your company as a personalized sales and marketing consultant to create a follow-up plan that is specifically built to complement your marketing, we work with your team to implement the plan and sometimes, we may just close the sale for you. 🙂

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Customer Retention

You worked hard to get your customers….why not keep them around.  These customers will not only provide you with residual income, loyal customers will be your most valuable source when it comes to marketing and referrals. Our digital marketing agency will develop a customer retention plan specific to your company and can actually automate most of it, saving you time and money.